RoboMatic X1

RoboMatic X1 2.0

Engage in conversations with this artificially intelligent chatbot

RoboMatic X1 is an AI chatbot, you can speak or type conversations with him. Change the face of RoboMatic, give him a new name, and command him to do different things. The RoboMatic model (X1) is a friendly character and this model is called "Operating System Assistant."


  • Infinite ways to make RoboMatic respond
  • RoboMatic can feel time and date
  • Word database has over 8000 records
  • Enjoy listening to music while you are chatting with him
  • Dynamic tips to help you how to chat with RoboMatic
  • See the face of RoboMatic or you can choose your preferred face to chat with it
  • Talk to RoboMatic by your voice and listen to his voice
  • Save your conversation and explore it later
  • Explore your PC by chatting with RoboMatic
  • Want to hear jokes or calculate something?, ask RoboMatic to do so
  • RoboMatic can tell you the current festivals, feasts and events

— User reviews — about RoboMatic X1

  • pongo280

    by pongo280

    "every file, error and mcafee alert"

    slows down your computer, every 5 seconds McAfee finds a virus in it, and I'm still running More.

    reviewed on March 31, 2012